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“Sugar, wine & everything Fine.”

  • Goodbye, My Love

    Dear John, They say you should be in love with your best friend. And frankly, after four years together I’d say we have become that and more. This is why when I realized we’d have to end thi

  • #ProfileWeek: Pursuing the Whole Person

    We’ve all experienced it at some point, the moment when you tell someone your major and they assume that “Oh, you’re poli sci? You must have an opinion on (insert controversial policy topic).

  • You Know They’re a Domer When…

    Perhaps you know where you are interning this summer or you’re graduating and stalking the potential new roommates. Maybe you don’t, but you’re just an expert at the Facebook creeping and have m

  • House Hunters: ND Edition

    “There’s a reason I can’t take you into the dorms to see a dorm room” I have to tell my tours. “If I took you to my room, for instance, well, it just wouldn’t be fair…” That’s

  • St. Patrick’s Day Traditions at ND (or the lack thereof)

    “What are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day?” I have asked and been asked this question all week and I am ashamed to admit I have no clue. March 17th, a day for green, shamrocks, beer, Irish fl

  • To Enjoy the Occasional Cigar

    Friday night, students remembered the man who made Notre Dame the great institution that it is today by taking part in one of Fat