You Know They’re a Domer When…

A Fairly Accurate Summary of Any Notre Dame Facebook Profile

Writing Irish | Erin Aucar | April 4, 2016

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Perhaps you know where you are interning this summer or you’re graduating and stalking the potential new roommates. Maybe you don’t, but you’re just an expert at the Facebook creeping and have made a game of figuring out someone’s story based on their profile picture. Either way, someone is probably doing the same to you. Right now there might be someone at George Washington or NYU checking out your profile and thinking, wow, that kid is a definite Domer.

We can’t help it. As the proud Fighting Irish with a beautiful campus, it would be just wrong not to have two dome pics and four grotto pics (one for every season); and heaven forbid you don’t boast how fun our football games are with your flying Irish push-up pose.

Thus, I present what seems to be a fairly accurate list of the top 10 ND Facebook profile pics:

#1 The Dome Pic – front and center, with at least one friend, yet Mary is the real star every time.




#2 The Grotto – an ideal cover photo pic, no need for people but still proves that your campus is basically perfect.




#3 The Irish Push-up – hair flying, beads bouncing, and you’re smiling like we’re still uNDefeated.




#4 Touchdown Jesus – because you look exactly like him when you do that.




#5 The SYR Pic – gross yellow dorm hallway lighting aside, these memories are worth sharing, even if that rando at GW is wondering why the cat, the nerd, and the beach babe have anything in common.




#6 THE Father Hesburgh Meet-and-Greet – they might see it and think he’s your grandpa, but you know what an honor it is to have met this Notre Dame legend.




#7 The Group Photo From Abroad – to prove we leave the bubble on occasion.




#8 Dorm Spirit Photo- #theFinest




#9 Bookstore Basketball – serious outfits for serious athletes.




#10 Play Like A Champion Today – such a TNDM but you have to.



I’ll even admit I am guilty of over half of these but… Sorry not sorry.

Go Irish!