Ways College Saves You Money

du Mock | Elizabeth Walter | February 11, 2016 SATIRE

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  • You learn not to spend too much money on going-out clothes because it will inevitably reek forever of tequila and beer after syllabus week. Or the sight of it just reminds you of your horrible decisions. You need to be able to get a new wardrobe anytime in an emergency. That $2 crop top at Forever 21 never looked so good.
  • Having a meal plan that allows you to get Grab-n-Go is awesome. Those soggy sandwiches encourage you to only spend money on food when absolutely necessary.
  • DISCOUNTED AMAZON PRIME ACCOUNT YAAASSSSSSSSS. If you’re a college student, you can sign up for a discounted Amazon Prime account with the first how many months free. You save tons of money on the shipping for shit you would’ve never ordered if you didn’t have Amazon Prime. Which you most definitely wouldn’t have paid for without that student discount. Smart spending.
  • College professors are pretty cool-ya feel? My favorite part is how they all require a new version of basically the exact same book as last semester with maybe a few different numbers for the exact same problems. But HEY-that access code is super necessary or else they would have to make up homework themselves!! Totally not a waste of an extra $150 for that access code. The investment in my learning is completely worth it. I’ll definitely get my money back and more when that access code homework comes in clutch at my future job!
  • If you have some form of financial aid, whether it be an academic scholarship, athletic scholarship, or an on-campus job, college helps again! Academic scholarships require you to have a minimum GPA, meaning you spend all your spare time studying. If you have an athletic scholarship, you spend up to 20 hours per week working out, too sore to move the next day. You and your money aren’t going anywhere. An on-campus job gets you maybe a few thousand bucks a year-congrats. You have made a barely notable dent in your debt.
  • Your college sets an excellent example of frugal spending that you can use for future references when shopping responsibly. For example, Notre Dame paints its main building and football helmets with real gold every year. #responsible #wise #totallynecessary
  • You think about the fact that your college costs up to $60k a year, so you spend the night crying while eating ice cream and watching Netflix. That $30 you would spend at Feve is staying in your pocket. Score!