Top Halloween Costumes at Notre Dame

Irish Halloweenies get creative.

Writing Irish | Megan McCormack | November 4, 2015

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Halloweekend is over, and the subsequent hangovers and sugar rushes have long passed as well (hopefully).  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still time to relive the ingenious creativity the Notre Dame student body showed over the past few days.  From Feverween to the glorious celebration after a win against Temple, we saw a good number of spooky, spunky, and downright spectacular costumes.  Take a look at some of our top picks.

Drake/Charlie Shin

Because pop culture references can never go wrong.

The Hocus Pocus witches: Audrey Tatum, Racine Hansen, and Shannon Deasey

hocus pocus
What would Halloween even be without this classic?

Ravey Crockett/Katie Irving

ravey crockett
I’m sure the King of the Wild Frontier himself would approve.

Grandma and Grandpa/Mary Haley and John Eagan

old people
It must be reassuring to know you’ll look that good when you’re older.

Jigsaw/Sarah Singer

Impressively terrifying.

Doctor Pepper/Danielle Lukish

Dr pepper
Would Doctor Pepper recommend drinking Dr. Pepper?

Edna Mode/Meghan Cain

edna mode
Good thing there are no capes in this post.

Shia LaBeouf/Allie Zimmer

shia labeuf
You know what Shia LaBeouf would say to putting a green square around your head? JUST. DO IT!!

Bed, Bath, and Beyond/Grace Magro, Maria Noel, and Louise Fallon

bed bath beyond
I feel like Buzz Lightyear would like this costume.

Whip and nae nae (whip and neigh neigh)/Nancy McNamara and Logan Dorman

Because puns.

Bonus: As a wise friend once told me, remember to live every week like it’s shark week


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