The Walk-On

Writing Irish | Katy Grunenwald | April 14, 2016

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College is a unique experience for each and every one of us, but for some (the members of our men’s basketball team for instance), their personal experience is more public than the rest of ours.

Matt Gregory is a sophomore in Fisher Hall from Avon, IN and a member of the men’s basketball team here at Notre Dame. Matt played basketball in high school, but wasn’t much of a big deal until his senior year. He got offers to play ball at some D2 and D3 schools, but turned them down with dreams of attending a bigger school with all the academic prestige and school spirit of say… Our Lady’s wonderful University of Notre Dame. Here’s where the twist comes in… Matt’s high school basketball coach knows the assistant coach here at ND, so he got in contact with him and let him know that Matt would be headed his way and would be a promising walk-on. Well, as it turns out, he was right, because of the 12 guys who tried out to be on the team, Matt Gregory was the one chosen. In his words he was “geeked af” to find out he had scored the empty spot. He had never given up the hope of being able to continue his basketball career. He can’t even picture what college would be like without it. As anyone who’s been on a team before can most likely understand, his teammates are some of his closest friends and he has never regretted his decision for a second.

Matt’s so much more than just a basketball player though. When I asked what his other hobbies and passions are, he responded “mountains, roller coasters, and space, in no particular order.” He really is a complex guy, a real renaissance man. As of now he’s just enjoying the ride and appreciating every day. He cited his basketball journey as being overwhelmingly positive, allowing him to travel to amazing places and meet some incredible people. In his future he sees himself finishing out his basketball career here, then somehow deciding what to do with his life.

Well Matty, you’re a guy I’m lucky to call a close friend and I’m sure you’re going to do big things.

Now for those of you who like what you’ve heard of Matt so far and want to know more… sadly, he doesn’t have any form of social media (because he’s too cool for that sort of main stream stuff), but I have something even better for you… *see hilarious videos attached below*