The Best of the Worst of Reality TV

It's all crap, but this is the best crap

Breaking the Bubble | Katy Grunenwald | April 4, 2016

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“Maggie caught me watching Dance Moms again and she thoroughly scolded me.”

–My Mom (FYI, Maggie is my little sister…)

Clearly it runs in the family, because my friends are always making fun of me for all the ridiculous reality television I watch. I try to defend myself by saying that it’s entertaining and makes me feel better about my life, but they’ll never understand. But, for all of you who understand my not-so-guilty pleasure, I’ve complied a list of the best of the worst reality TV there is.

#1 Vanderpump Rules

This is hands down my favorite reality show. It’s about a bunch of aspiring actors and models living in LA who make a living as waiters at SUR Restaurant. Sounds pretty basic… but let me tell you, these people are nuts. I’m not saying this is high quality entertainment, but it’s entertainment nonetheless. These people have essentially all slept together at some point or another, and the drama that results is hysterical and somehow incredibly addicting to watch.

#2 The Real Housewives of Wherever

This is a classic. There are about 15 different versions of this show all in different places, but they’re all pretty much the same: super rich ladies who argue and then go on extravagant vacations together. I mostly watch this one because for, an hour every week, it’s like I’m also a millionaire on my way to Dubai for a casual girl’s trip in a $40,000 per/night hotel.

#3 Survivor

What season is this show on now, like 142? I don’t care, it never gets old. The host of this show, Jeff Probst, is my idol and I’m also convinced he never ages. If you’ve never heard of it, the show is about 20 people who have to survive together on some tropical island and compete in challenges for immunity, or face being voted off. It’s especially entertaining to watch people overthink and strategize every move while seeing everyone else in their tribe laugh about how they’re going to blindside them and vote them off. 

#4 Below Deck

All the drama of a normal reality television, but with a twist, everyone is trapped on a boat together! Wohoo! This one is about a the crew of an exquisite yacht and all the drama between the crew and their guests aboard the yacht. It mostly consists of the crew making fun of the crazy and super wealthy guests. Thoroughly entertaining.

#5 Chrisley Knows Best

This one is a little difficult to explain. Essentially, it’s just about a really rich family who is super hysterical. The dad is your stereotypical overprotective parent who will go to any lengths imaginable to ensure his kids are safe; this includes hiring a bodyguard to spy on them.

#6 Leah Remini: It’s All Relative

You know how in pretty much every family you joke at some point or another that you should have your own reality show because you’re just that funny/weird or whatever? Well this is one family who actually did just that. Sure, the mom is a mildly famous actress, but they are really just a normal family with a regular life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny, but essentially nothing happens.

#7 Ladies of London

Essentially just The Real Housewives with accents.