Not So Broke College Kids

The Outrageous Things We Spend Our Money On

Breaking the Bubble | Katy Grunenwald | February 11, 2016

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College students are notorious for being broke. Maybe it’s all the college expenses, maybe it’s because we lack experience managing our own money, or maybe it’s just because, as a whole, we are a bunch of impulsive morons. Too harsh? Ok fine, some of the things people buy are necessities, or close to it, such as food, textbooks, and booze. These things aside, there are still other expenses that are technically unnecessary but are also pretty reasonable. For example, dorm apparel, outfits for theme parties, supplements, and cabs (three dollars sounds cheap but let me tell you… it adds up).

All of these items make up the majority of a typical college student’s purchases, and are, therefore, uninteresting. I decided to dig a little deeper, so I asked around and here are some of the ridiculous things your fellow students spend their money on:

  1. A breathalyzer ($50). Apparently this particular individual got “the same one the cops use,” so totally worth $50 with the Groupon they had… for some unknown reason. (Also not sure why one would need their own breathalyzer).
  2. Coloring book and coloring pencils. A quality coloring book is in the $20-$30 range, and if you splurge and go for the 50 pack of colored pencils instead of just 12 or 24, then you’re looking at a grand total around $40. These “stress relieving,” adult coloring books are all the rage right now. (Not gonna lie… I have two).
  3. An ab roller ($30). One of those exercise contraptions that you see commercials for and think to yourself “who in their right mind would ever spend money on that crap?” But hey, I guess it’s worth it if you end up looking as toned as the models in the commercial.
  4. A NASCAR racing suit, simply for the purpose of being able to wear it while sitting and watching the Daytona 500. I think this is one of those situations when you do something just to be able to say that you did it. Well, that hysterical story just cost you $50.
  5. Fake IDs. This one’s not so ridiculous because a ton of people have them, but the prices can be hefty. I’m sorry, but why on earth does this poorly made piece of plastic cost $50?
  6. Let’s not forget those drunken amazon prime purchases that you don’t remember until they show up at your door two days later. The contents of that box could really be anything ($$$???).