House Hunters: ND Edition

A look into some of Notre Dame's prime dorm real estate...

Writing Irish | Erin Aucar | March 29, 2016

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“There’s a reason I can’t take you into the dorms to see a dorm room” I have to tell my tours.

“If I took you to my room, for instance, well, it just wouldn’t be fair…”

That’s because I live in Farley’s Princess Quad, also known in past years as the Palace. It’s a coveted quad for upperclassmen located on the 3rd floor. It must have been an apartment at one point, similar to what an AR or priest would live in because it’s, for lack of a better word, practically royal. Essentially the princess quad is a room filled with fairy dust, bows, pink champagne, and where we wear crowns while gentlemen come knocking on our doors (lookin’ at you StEds) to ask us to try on glass slippers and go with them to the yacht dance ball. Though that might be a bit of a stretch, living in the Princess Quad is actually a sweet gig. This room has a very large common space with a second smaller room that has our beds and wardrobes leading back to a bathroom. What’s more, we also have our own bathroom, two closets, and built-in shelving. Let’s just say staying on campus was one of the best decisions I could have made for senior year.

My point is that in Farley alone, there is such a wide variety of room configurations, from doubles serving as forced triples to doubles that have their own bathroom that our living situation is anything but standard. That being said, Mod Quad and West Quad have fairly uniform configurations but taken as a whole, there is a whole gamut of rooms and quirky traditions that go on among the dorm rooms themselves. And they exist apart from the already notable traditions of our dorm communities. Thus, being one of the residents of the Princess Quad I have been curious and always on the lookout for other interesting gems within the other dorms on campus and decided to do some digging. It was harder than expected to get the scoop but for those that were helpful, this is what I’ve gathered:

Welsh Fam

They’ve got a junior chapel quad that apparently has roof access and a view. Again, the upperclassmen get the best spots on campus, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Knott Hall

By far the strangest, though highly entertaining submission, comes from the land of the Juggernauts detailing a double that is not physically defining but “strictly emotionally defining.” The Sanctuary in 3A was home to Junior Pat Norris for two years during which he recounts:

“The Sanctuary earned its name from a song appropriately titled, “In the Sanctuary” by Kurt Carr. It is an upbeat gospel song that seemingly comes to an end three times, only to burst into another round of the chorus (much to the shock of first-time listeners).  My friends and I held “Sanctuary Sessions” once every few weeks, in which we would coax freshmen or other individuals who hadn’t been privileged enough to engage in a session previously, and allow them to experience the joy and passion the song draws out of all listeners naturally.  The people who had already heard the song were all in on the joke that would be played on the newcomers.  The song runs straight for about 5 minutes (a very long time to be dancing and shouting along) so with each faux-ending, we would all pretend that it was finally over and really shock the newcomers when the music popped back into full swing.  Of course, you’re reading this and probably thinking what a silly tradition that you probably have to be in attendance for to understand and/or appreciate.  But the message that was ultimately sent was that all are welcome in “The Sanctuary” and you always could find it as a place of positive energy and enthusiasm.”

So there you have it folks. Even if you’re a fairly average Mod/West Quader you too can create interesting traditions that befuddle unsuspecting freshmen and lead to good stories.


I know Lewis is home to some impressive room configurations, notably their six-chicks which would give the Princess Quad a run for its money if it also had a bathroom. But this submission was an entertaining surprise so for those of you who don’t know about the Triple Nipple, I will let Senior Hannah Skrbis share in her own words:

“Fourth Floor and 7 beers ago, a tradition was born amongst the fourth floor Lewis freshman class of 2016. It was a tradition that would never die – a rich tradition of twerking anywhere, anytime. The Triple Nipple embodies this tradition with its expansive twerking space and the fourth roommate: Dead Lenny.”

Not sure if this is what I was exactly looking for when I set out on this survey, but I am enlightened nonetheless.


Ahhhhhh Sorin College. Behind those adorable otters in sweater vests (swoooon) is the nitty gritty side of Sorin that is the Quint. Chances are you have ventured into their turret in the back left side of the dorm to find a packed room of sweaty boys and girls dancing on window ledges only to squish yourself inside and then promptly walk back out just to say you’ve been there. From what I can tell, this is THE party room of God Quad (did I just say those two in the same sentence? Whoops) and it is taken very seriously. The Quint is home to sophomores who then spend the year vetting which freshmen will have the honor to take on the honor the next year. For the past few years they have even invested in a banner that the roommates will sign and pass on along with the room.

I had assumed that this is where the story would end with Sorin but was surprised to hear rumors of another unique dorm room that, not having any special physical space, does have some sort of secret tie to the alumni of said room. I heard everything from these residents being sent a shirt, the same shirt, every year by a previous resident to a tradition of alumni funding cool decorations. I am dying to know what the actual deal is but no one wanted to give me a straight answer. I guess it’s good to keep a little bit of mystery in our lives.


For those of you not familiar with the Manor, Morrissey’s itty-bitty rooms force its residents to spend time in common rooms that several rooms will share together. Otherwise you might be lucky enough to get the Man Cave on the 4th floor. This is one of those doubles with two rooms but one door. The back room can’t really be heard from the hallway so it makes for a great hang-out spot. One resident, Senior Anthony Acuna appropriately describes it as being “like a mullet, business in the front and party in the back.” This room is also one for the upperclassmen. I can vouch that there must be something special to this mullet of a man cave for of the very few responses I got to my inquiries; three of them were from this room.


Badin interestingly has a “skylight double.” One of four larger doubles on the fourth floor, again generally reserved for upperclassmen, has a skylight on the ceiling and a half a wall separating the bedroom from living space. It’s a whole new take on scoring “a room with a view”, but sounds pretty sweet to me.


Zahm house, for as obnoxious as you might find them, must be commended for their commitment to tradition. These men cling to their many quirks and so it is only fitting that they also have rooms with notable traditions. Not physically unique per se, there is one room that all of North Quad is reminded of every Wednesday night. A freshmen triple, 145 to be exact, goes around, along with previous residents, chanting 1-4-5! 1-4-5! 1-4-5! And somewhere along the way indulges in eating wings. This is one of the only rooms with traditions thrust upon freshmen so I’d be very curious to know how that works but then again, who on earth knows how anything in Zahm works. Nevertheless, if they can keep a tradition going despite whomever housing puts in this room, there must be something to it. Maybe it’s the manly addiction to buffalo wild wings that sustains them. Who knows? But if y’all deliver, I’ll take some wings in 307 Farley Hall and gladly chant 1-4-5 if need be. Thanks.


For those of you feeling boring and missing out on the rich, or strange, traditions of these various dorm rooms, go create your own! Traditions started somewhere right? For one quad in McGlinn on the 2nd floor (where someone clearly put sticky stuff on the wall when they weren’t allowed), there are a bunch of stars by one of the beds. A current freshman has decided she will contribute to the constellation and encourage future residents to do the same. We all loved those glowing stars as kids, so who says we had to stop enjoying them in college? A tradition is a wish your heart makes. Kind of.

So, with room picks around the corner, if you haven’t decided where you’re living next year think carefully because now that you’re informed, you too have the chance to become a princess or even confuse the freshmen with your gospel dancing.