Legends: Lame or Legendary?

Writing Irish | Erin Aucar | November 16, 2015

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Ahhh, to finally be 21 at Notre Dame… goodbye dorm parties and “university sponsored alternative programming” and hello O’Rourkes, Finni’s, the Backer, or any number of South Bend’s finest bars. While Finni’s is a popular Wednesday spot, and the Backer might take your Friday nights, if there is one thing a Notre Dame student can count on, it’s that Thursday is Brothers/Feve night.

Except Seniors returned to campus this fall, ready to embrace the South Bend night-life now that nearly all of their friends are legal, only to find that Thursdays aren’t exactly what they were expecting. The dynamics of “to Feve or not to Feve” could be debated at length on its own, but for many students who don’t need to use the backdoor and an extra $5 anymore, Club Fever is better saved for desperate special circumstances. As a result, Brothers, the popular pre-game stop was suggested by many as the place to go and simply… stay. That is, until a new $3 cover was imposed. Yes, you get a bro tank, but I’m sorry, it’s not “free” when I paid $3 for something I don’t need. So now, for me and many other 21-year-olds, the once reliable Thursday night is now (at a risk of sounding dramatic) hopeless.

As seniors search for new Thursday night plans, some have tried to make Thursday Finni’s a thing. That’s fine, but what happens when we get sick of going to Finni’s three days a week? Instead, I propose students check out a place that’s both familiar and actively seeking patronage – Legends.

…Legends? Isn’t that lame?!

I admit I had the same initial thought. I always assumed that even if I wasn’t going to Hip Hop night, that as a Notre Dame establishment, Hip Hop night and the rest of Legend’s programming was still alive and well but that as a Senior I was “over it.” I attributed the “Legends is lame” mentality to the kind of popular complaint engaged in by Notre Dame students who lament the NDH sandwich line, but jump at any chance to get in it if there isn’t a crowd. I assumed that Legends was just considered a bit lame because we all associated it with our underclassmen years. Hence, I was making a lot of assumptions. Recently however, I was surprised to learn that attendance at Legends is actually way down across the board, and that Legends is on a mission to get it back on track.

What many current students don’t know is that for over 30 years (from approximately 1968-2003), where Legends currently stands, there was a house known as Alumni-Senior Club. This senior bar functioned as a bar for several hundred students complete with pool tables and dancing areas. It even offered lifetime memberships which were unfortunately invalidated when Legends took over in 2003, but I have heard rumors of alumni returning to campus attempting to use said membership tickets.

As a lover of Notre Dame traditions, I appreciated learning about the journey that Legends has gone through as an establishment and have decided that maybe we’ve been a little quick to dismiss it. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that the “cool” spots are the places your friends visit. Let’s be real, Finni’s isn’t cool because you love getting sweaty and stepping over grey puddles of beer. It’s cool because there is a dance floor and your friends from Finance are waiting just inside.

But guess what?

Legends has dancing, and it’s clean. All it needs is for the students to decide they’re going to make a Facebook event and switch things up.

Know what is even better news?

Legends has no cover. They also have awesome drink specials.

So you’re telling me I can get two, $2 Margaritas for the price of getting into Brothers with no drink? Yes. Yes I am…

What I see here is an opportunity.

Students have a free Thursday night and empty wallets to re-examine.

Legends is trying to get its identity back.

Students want convenience and a place to go.

Legends is on campus, and they want students.

A focus group of seniors explained all of this to Legends, and Legends responded with providing us with Senior Night. Now, not only is there literally an opportunity with our name on it, but Senior Night has just made Legends more exclusive to upperclassmen than Feve. Think about that for a minute.

So for the next Senior night, this Thursday, November 19th, bring your friends. A night at Legends might just end up being, to quote Barney Stinson, “Legend…wait for it…DARY, Legendary!”