How to become YouTube Famous at Notre Dame

From Mariah to Tutu's

Writing Irish | Mary Lessard | November 19, 2015

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Although we do not have an official “Oscars” for YouTube videos that are created by Notre Dame students, consider this the unofficial ranking and guide on how to become YouTube famous (at least ND famous).

1. There are two things that all Notre Dame Students are passionate about: Christmas and Mariah Carey. When you combine these two powerhouses it is impossible not to come up with an award winning YouTube video. Add in some cute guys lip syncing in the shower, some expert videography, and killer choreography and you have a Notre Dame classic that every dorm wishes they could recreate (shout out to disinterested gnome guy at 3:30)

2. Picture this. The permacloud has been around for weeks leaving students yearning for a hint of sunshine to warm their pasty complexion. People are bundled up in sweaters and scarfs dreading the long months of blistery winter ahead. But then… on a random day before finals there was one man… one tutu… and one wild interpretation of a Sia song that would soon be renamed the Second University Fight Song. During the midst of a cold lonely December, chaNDelier boy danced his way into our hearts and our Youtube watches. He ventured somewhere no one on campus had dared venture before. He pranced through campus in the freezing cold weather in nothing but a tutu in order to bring us the closest thing to Sunshine he could find.

3. You can always count on the Kennan Revue to produce quality entertainment that appeals to classic Notre Dame stereotypes. Lets face it: Notre Dame is not your typical college. We are a unique institution and it’s best when we can take a step back and simply make fun of ourselves. The video ‘Shit ND People Don’t Say’ is a classic that will have you laughing through the pain of realizing our faults.

While you are on that page also be sure to check out their video on all of our awesome ‘Frats’ #GoGreekND!!!

4. Question: What do all people who go to Notre Dame love? Answer: Notre Dame. This video beautifully encapsulates one student’s freshman year experiences through the lens of a go-pro. He captures dorm life, making new friends, football games, visiting Chicago, and the frozen tundra in an artistic and visually stunning way. Trust me… it is worth the watch.

5. When in doubt do a dance or lip sync video to a popular song. Check out this fan favorite to ‘Happy’

Now go forth and create a masterpiece! We all need another video to distract ourselves from studying for finals.