“Hello”: Adele’s Latest Emotional Whirlwind

An excited look at Adele's long-anticipated comeback

Breaking the Bubble | Marie Flake | October 27, 2015

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In the Empire move of the year, Adele previewed her new single in the most genius (and Adele) way possible. The UK advertisement displayed thirty seconds of words fading in and out on a black screen with her voice. That. Was. It. And the world was up in flames over the return of a woman we thought we’d said goodbye to with 21. Then there was the buzz around the wait for the next album or single, but Adele then released her single AND music video on October 22, just a few days later.

The song itself follows a narrative from Adele we are familiar with: heartbreak. Yet this time, she’s the one repenting for her mistakes. “Hello” fluctuates between somber-nostalgic riffs and  belting pleas for forgiveness.

“The listener is taken on a wild emotional ride of post-breakup feels they never even knew they had.”

It is utter goosebump material. The video itself features love interest Tristen Wilds, who is the primary focus as the video devolves from their flirtatious and joking love to arguments. Adele may have cast Wilds because of his (great) acting abilities, but she showcased an interracial relationship, one that is not as common in American media as some may think. The video is so popular, it was viewed over 20.8 million times in 22 hours, breaking Taylor Swift’s 20.1 million/24 hour Vevo record for Bad Blood”. If her sepia laden, artsy and trend-setting video is any indication of what is to come… none of us are ready or worthy.