Friendsgiving: a Recipe

Writing Irish | Erin Aucar | November 25, 2015

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Necessary Ingredients:

3-12 friends – because 2 is just a date and 13 is too “The Last Supper”

1 meat dish – turkey optional

4 pumpkin pies – because why not

Tons of potatoes – there is no limit to the glory of potatoes

2 pans of vegetables – what can I say, we’re a responsible group of students

1 SNL “A Thanksgiving Miracle” video clip on repeat – Hello, it’s Adele, saving Thanksgiving

4 bottles of wine – for those 21 and older to feel a little extra classy this year

1 football game – preferably of the Fighting Irish variety

2 Instagram posts – pics or it didn’t happen

Over the past week or so leading up to Thanksgiving break, I noticed that many people were jumping on the “Friendsgiving” bandwagon, hosting classy sit-down dinners away from the dining halls and surrounded by their closest friends. The aforementioned ingredients are essential, of course. That is because Friendsgiving isn’t your typical Thanksgiving meal. It is a grand concept that is unique in its own right. And it should be a thing.

Traditional Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to pause with your family for the sole purpose of eating and giving thanks. Nevertheless, don’t forget that by the very nature of Notre Dame, we are thrown into a community of people from all across the country and globe, many times spending more of our year on campus than at home. How are we ever able to establish the family and home that we have created here at Notre Dame if we don’t take the time to say grace and stuff ourselves full of stuffing and vegetables? In all seriousness though, our friends become our family while at Notre Dame, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t celebrate that in the best way Americans know how. Taking time to intentionally have a classy meal is a great way to invest in that Notre Dame family. For some students who don’t go home, don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in their country, or come from a home that can’t provide one, this can be an especially meaningful celebration.

If you didn’t get around to hosting Friendsgiving this year, or you were limited to a single snickers bar while off hiking in Patagonia abroad, it’s ok. There is always next year. You will always have your Notre Dame family, and with a little bit of pumpkin pie and time for saying thanks, you too can have a wonderful Friendsgiving next fall.

Exhibit A
This is how it’s done
a Friendsgiving to remember
a Friendsgiving to remember

“That’s what Friendsgiving is about: celebrating each other like the family we have become over the past few years. In addition to a beautiful snowy day, a roaring fire, and a makeshift dinning table, we all pitched in somehow to create that same cozy, homey feel we all get at holidays.” -Alexander Hansen ’16