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  • Study Abroad Tips: Handling What Study Abroad Will Throw at You

    Pro Tip #3: Realize that things will go wrong. Probably more so than expected. Everyone raves that your study abroad experience is going to be one the best experiences of your life. And they’re n

  • Study Abroad Tips: Travelling to Your Destination

    After a month and a half of winter break, I’m back to divulge more embarrassing encounters I’ve had while taking public transportation. Except this time I’m in France, so the slight language bar

  • A Bus Ride to Remember

    The holiday season is well upon us at Notre Dame, and the recent snow has certainly cemented this fact.  For many students, this also rings in the season of long travels, and I am no exception.  For

  • A General Guide to Navigating the SYR

    So I realize that SYR season is coming to a close as the end of this semester is rapidly approaching (help help help?), but my dorm’s SYR was last weekend, and I figured that it’s never too la

  • On Fate, Destiny, and Roommates

    Today I would like to officially give my thanks to the University of Notre Dame for their decision to randomize roommate picks.  Today I extend my hand in gratitude to this school for pairing me with

  • Top Halloween Costumes at Notre Dame

    Halloweekend is over, and the subsequent hangovers and sugar rushes have long passed as well (hopefully).  But that doesn't mean there isn't still time to relive the ingenious creativity the Notre Da