Mary Brosnan

  • Election 2016: DC v Marvel?

    I saw DC’s Batman v. Superman (BvS) and I thought it was good. Not great like the Christopher Nolan movies, but not bad. Many critics disagreed with me, giving BvS witheri

  • It's Not U.S. It's You

    Udai Faisal was five months old when he died of malnutrition in Yemen. A phot

  • President Obama’s Cool Demeanor

    President Obama has been criticized throughout his presidency for his calm demeanor during times of crisis. While his supporters view his response to attacks like that in Brussels as measured and reas

  • A Conversation With A ND College Republican

    Barring a contested convention, Donald Trump, a former Clinton supporting, pro-choice leaning, reality television star is on the brink of becoming the GOP nominee for the presidential election, having

  • Why GOP Voters Want an Outsider

    Donald Trump’s success has been largely credited to his outsider status. He frequently flaunts the fact that he is not a member of the GOP establishment, even though his inexperience is apparent thr

  • Romney and Trump: The GOP of Yesterday and Today?

    After Drumpf’s big win on Super Tuesday, people have started to imagine what America would look like under a President Drumpf. Will he change the White House? Will just his very election cause anoth