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  • Diversity at Notre Dame

    Here at Notre Dame, we pride ourselves in a diverse student body where fellow students encourage diversity and self-expression. Talking to two students, Pat and Katie, I delved into the true spirit of

  • Ways College Saves You Money

      You learn not to spend too much money on going-out clothes because it will inevitably reek forever of tequila and beer after syllabus week. Or the sight of it just reminds you of yo

  • Black Thursday* Shopping

    *Not to be confused with the day the stock market crashed (though there will be equal amounts of chaos) Great news shoppers! Starting at 12AM on Thursday, November 26, the majority of the retail in

  • Tips to Freshmen for Being Successful at Notre Dame

    College can be hard to navigate as a freshman. Luckily, I have tips to make sure you are the most successful, popular* freshman on campus. You're welcome. *Popularity is extremely relevant in colle