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“I'd say more but there's no ro”

  • Student Finds $150, Cries after doing “Right Thing”

    Lauren Antosz, a senior living off-campus in Irish Flats, was found crying in the fetal position on a Debartolo Hall beanbag yesterday afternoon. When asked about her distress, Antosz responded,

  • How to be a Woman, Notre Dame Edition

    1. Accept that you can never be the president of your beloved university. Sorry, it’s just because the Catholic Church is blatantly sexist. Don’t take it personally. 2. Rely on boys’ dorms fo

  • How to be a Woman

    1. Growing up, always follow your school’s dress code. Later, tell your daughter, niece, sister or cousin to always follow her school’s dress code. Make sure she doesn’t show an inch of collarbo