A General Guide to Navigating the SYR

Follow these steps for a SYRiously good time

Writing Irish | Megan McCormack | November 20, 2015

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So I realize that SYR season is coming to a close as the end of this semester is rapidly approaching (help help help?), but my dorm’s SYR was last weekend, and I figured that it’s never too late to impart some real, highly important wisdom to the ND student body.  These exclusive tips may or may not be helpful, but this is the egotistical age of the internet, so I’m going to share my thoughts anyways.

  1. Find a date, or don’t

This is probably the most important step.  Personally, I recommend the tradition of going with someone you have actually been set up with that you may or may not know.  I have been set up for five out of the five dances I have gone to, and I would 10/10 recommend.  (S/o to my past dates here.  Props for being awesome.)  This situation has mostly come about because of my inability to make male friends (please refer to my earlier article where I discuss how the male to female ratio of my classes is about 1:5), but I feel like this is honestly a fool-proof idea.  If my date is terrible and everything is super awkward, it’ll only last a few hours, and at least I’ll have a good story to tell.  But if your friends are setting you up with their friends, this really doesn’t seem like a cause for concern.  I’ve created a handy chart for you to view below on how this all works out:


Going with a date that you already know is also a great option, though potentially less adventurous.  But if dates aren’t really your thing, going with a group of friends is an absolutely acceptable alternative as well.  Dancing around like a goon in a location on campus that is hopefully less compact than a dorm party is always a good time.

If you’re already dating someone, you can probably skip this step.  At your own discretion, of course.

Bonus: Do a real throwback and pick your roommate’s/friend’s date randomly from the Dog Book.  Finding someone who actually has the Dog Book with them can also be a fun challenge.

  1. Pick out a good outfit

If your dorm has a set themed dance every year, you’re golden.  If not, I recommend a trip to the thrift shop or the dollar store.  You want to think creative without going over the top, because then how will you tear it up the dance floor?  Brainstorming, consulting professors, and the internet could come in handy here.  Also remember comfort.  Comfort is a must.

  1. Get to the dance with enough time to actually be allowed in

You probably paid for these tickets, so don’t let your money go to waste.  But you also don’t want to show up too early, because watching the DJ set up is awkward for everybody.

  1. Try to limit the amount of people you accidentally run into on the dance floor to three (3)

It’s just common courtesy.  Freshman year I accidentally smacked a girl in the face while I was pretending to tango, and that took up my remaining two allowances of run-ins.

  1. At some point in the night, find your rectress/rector and tell them how much you love and appreciate them

This might backfire.  Please note that I have not actually tested this step yet and cannot guarantee results.

  1. Pray that there is food and/or water somewhere nearby

Hydration is key, and with all the dancing you’ll be doing, you’ll want to replace the salts you’ll be sweating out as well.  I’m not saying you’ll want to bring Chick-Fil-A with you, but that might not be a bad idea.

  1. Forget the haterz and shake it off like TSwift

Actually, forget what I said in Step 1; this is the most important step.

  1. Thank your date and/or your friends for coming with you

With the courteous spirit of Notre Dame as your guide, don’t be a dirtbag.

And, as an added bonus/if all else fails,

Go to an awesome pregame*

In which case you really only need to refer to steps 3 and 4.

*In the state of Indiana, the legal age to consume alcoholic beverages is 21.  Make good choices, kids.