Trump At It Again, Boycotts Debate

Election Tracker | Jeff Melsheimer | January 27, 2016

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With the Iowa caucuses coming in just a matter of days, we will finally be able to get a real glimpse of what this roller-coaster ride of a GOP race for the nomination has been all about. Forget the pollsters who have been scaring the crap out of us by saying Donald Trump has 41% of the Republican vote, for now is a time to return to sanity, to return to the days where the most popular candidate for president wasn’t a racially insensitive, religiously intolerant, and borderline sexist celebrity whose policies seem about as real as his toupee. To the people of Iowa, if you have half a brain, please don’t nominate Donald Trump.

Other than his personal prejudices, why would Trump be such a horrible president? Well, here at the Rival we have covered extensively his seemingly infinite shortcomings. However, he is again making headlines for his comments yesterday about refusing to participate in the final Republican debate. And I use that phrasing intentionally, to say “his comments about refusing to participate”, rather than saying “his refusal”, because a part of me does believe that this is all a publicity stunt. I fully expect Trump to burst open the Iowa Event Center doors Thursday night mid-debate with Aerosmith blasting through the speakers and fireworks going off behind him, declaring “I’M BACK!”

First of all, the reason Trump is refusing to participate is because he believes that Fox News host Megyn Kelly won’t treat him fairly. Rather than facing the issue and being a rational human being, Trump instead is throwing an epic temper-tantrum, similar to a 5-year-old when he doesn’t get to drink another soda at dinner. In fact, that’s probably unfair to all the 5-year-olds out there who often display greater maturity than this 69-year-old United States presidential candidate.

How can Trump be expected to lead this nation? If you can’t deal with a Fox News, the news station that is incredibly biased toward the party you are affiliating with, how can you be expected to deal with members of Congress? Who is going to take you seriously on Capitol Hill? Furthermore, who is going to be the poor advisor that gets fired when he tells you that starting a war with Russia or China would be a bad idea as sending us into nuclear winter probably isn’t a good thing?

Fox News’ response to Trump was actually quite clever: “We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president — a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”

Besides, why doesn’t Trump want to participate? He has won a majority of the debates thus far. He is a clear favorite to win the nomination and another good performance in Iowa would bode well for him with the upcoming Iowa caucuses. And he certainly loves to talk about himself while ridiculing other people. The debate would also give him a great chance to slam Kelly to her face for the alleged unfair treatment of him, so why is this attention-loving egomaniac shying away from the publicity chance of a lifetime?

Beats me.